CE Label Information

CE-marked shoes have passed the tests listed in the regulation EN ISO 20344-2011 and high-performance materials are used in production of the shoes. Before choosing the shoes that are suitable for your work area, you should check the standard it should meet from the table and symbols below. You can access the product that meets the proper standard using the filters on the products page.

EN ISO 20345-2011
Safety Shoes

(200 joules - Steel Impact Strength)
  • SB: Basic Requirements
  • S1: A+SB+E
  • S1P: A+SB+E+P
  • S2: A+SB+E+WRU
  • S3: A+SB+E+WRU+P

EN ISO 20347
Work Shoes

(Without Nose Impact Resistance)
  • OB: Basic Requirements
  • O1: A+OB+E
  • O1P: A+OB+E+P
  • O2: A+OB+E+WRU
  • O3: A+OB+E+WRU+P

CE Technical
Labeling Information

(Additional Safety Descriptions)
  • P: Anti-Perforation Protection
  • A: Antistatic Shoe
  • E: Heel Energy Absorption
  • WRU: Water Resistant Shoe-Upper
  • HRO: 300ºC Resistant Sole
  • ORO: Oil Resistant Sole
  • ESD: Electrostatic Discharge


Steel Nose Protector
Composite Nose Protector
Sole Resistant to Oil and Hydrocarbons
Antistatic Shoe
Shock Absorption in the Heel Area
300ºC Resistant Sole
Water-Resistat Upper
Anti-perforation Protection
Electrician Footwear
Electrostatic Dischargers