With its experience from the past, Mekap added safety shoes to its product range in 1996 to enter the occupational safety sector. Using the latest technologies in its production processes, Mekap provides the safety standards needed in the working environment by completing the necessary test procedures and certifying its products. It leads the sector with its high quality comfortable, durable and healthy safety shoes.

Our mission is to make difference and offer innovations to users by providing quality service in the field of safety shoes on the basis of human health. In order to realize this mission, we constantly improve ourselves adopting new technologies applied all over the world. We serve with our cutting-edge technology machinery and an annual production capacity of more than three million pairs.

Mekap From Past To Present


Mekap was established in 1972 as the first company to manufacture shoes by polyurethane injection system in Turkey.


Mekap entered the occupational safety sector by adding safety shoes to its product range in 1996.


As a first in the world, it offered its “M+Safety” technology brand to the industry by integrating access control systems into work safety shoes.


Mekap's journey began in 1972 with the excitement of producing shoes by polyurethane injection system for the first time in Turkey. It also represented modernity and fashion for a generation back then. In 1996, it released safety shoes to the market in order to provide safety and comfort in work areas with the slogan "Comfortable, Robust and Healthy". Today, with its wide experience, it continues to offer safety and durability to the users. Having the motto “Idea for the Future”, Mekap, which is the leading brand in its field,  improves the quality of its products with the excitement on the first day and ensures occupational safety of more than 3 million people. It leads the sector with the state-of-the-art technologies it adopts as well as the safety shoes it produces under certain quality standards.

The exciting journey of Mekap brand will continue with you, with the passion on the first day.